Three reasons my dreams haven’t come true!

I’ve wished for a LOT over the decades I’ve been on this planet;

  • lotto win
  • great eyebrows
  • Elle’s body
  • Pat Benatar’s voice

I’ve always been a ‘wisher’, but it wasn’t until I became a ‘wisher with action’ that ‘things’ started to seemingly ‘magically’ happen! The difference between being a ‘wisher’ and an achiever is not luck, it’s action – in lotto’s case for example, actually buying a ticket is a good start – doesn’t matter a whole lot how lucky you are, if you don’t buy a ticket!

From my experience, and trust me I’ve had lots of learnings in this realm; the top three reasons my ‘wishes’ have not come true are:

I didn’t truly understand what I wanted

I left school at 15 years, 11 months and a number of days, to start a hairdressing apprenticeship. I did this because every teenage girl I knew wanted to be a hairdresser (or a pre-school teacher) and my mum had arranged an interview with a local salon owner. He checked to see if I was a fingernail biter, (I wasn’t thank goodness) and I started the next day!

It took me another 8 or 9 years to realise that while I loved the people aspects of hairdressing; the consulting; the problem solving; making customers happy, contributing to their well-being; training others, I actually didn’t enjoy the hairy bit.

At 15 and three quarters (and a bit), I didn’t know what I wanted.  I did not have a plan. I did not have a single clue.

Fast forward a few years and many personal development courses later…

Mind maps – word salad – and other problematic pictograms

You’ve seen them, lots of lines, and little clouds, stars and boxes, all too messy for my slightly OCD brain to cope with. I could make no sense of them AFTER I had put a couple of hours into drawing, colouring, scrunching paper and re-starting (many times) and I was certainly  no closer to understanding what I had to do, or what I had to do FIRST! Granted, I now knew I had to commit to something to make it happen, and that commitment somehow would manifest itself once I wrote that something down, but it was all still too messy for me to make any sense of it.

Even though I am a creative soul at heart – THIS does not work for me.

I have discovered I need a far more linear approach that will guide me from whoah to go, in small, manageable steps. It had to be SIMPLE.

In an increasingly complex world, ‘simplicity’ is becoming one of the four key values. Edward De Bono – Simplicity

I am going to make it much simpler for you to define and step out your goals so watch this space!

I hadn’t figured out my WHY!

For many of us – our life’s purpose is evident quite early.  Olympic athletes start quite young on their journey’s to Olympic greatness, for example – for the rest of us it takes a little longer.

If I was truly honest with myself, I would have to say that my “WHY” realisation has only appeared to me in the past 2 or 3 years.  I’ve been slowly working my way to this place though with no real understanding of WHY for much longer than that. Once I absolutely understood my WHY things started to become so much clearer.

All of the positions I’ve held in my corporate life have been of great value – I’ve learnt much from every single manager, colleague, and staff member (even the not so pleasant ones). I have great gifts bestowed on me from my family, friends, and people I have connected with through my music, and other areas.

Every single interaction has been a step forward into my WHY.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe, my satisfaction comes from helping YOU achieve your success.

Keep wishing, but don’t forget the actions!


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