A-Z of wishes

I have decided in my usual unprepared, off the cuff manner; to embark on a journey through the alphabet. Each blog post will focus on an aspect of wishes, and helping them become reality; twenty-six pieces of information that you can put to work to help you move from ‘wish-maker’ to ‘reality-maker’!

I’ll start with “A” because as we all know – that’s where A-Zs generally begin!

A is for ASK.

ASK for help; ask questions; ask for directions and ALWAYS decide for yourself the merits of the ANSWERS. There are no stupid questions, but the question  that’s never asked will never be resolved.

apple_PNG12455A is also for APPLE.

At this point, you’re thinking I’ve lost the plot and asking yourself, “What do apples have to do with wishes, or making them come true?”

Let me explain…

Firstly, Adam and Eve; we know this story right?  Eve, while living happily in the Garden of Eden with her Adam, was tempted by the evil serpent to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and bad (story simplified for brevity); she ate the fruit, found herself embarrassed and ashamed, and both her and Adam were banished forever from the Garden of Eden.

Then there was Snow White; the gorgeous princess that everyone loved, banished to the forest by her evil stepmother for being too beautiful? A big, red shiny apple was also her downfall.

The lesson perhaps is to beware serpents and peddlers who try to trick you into thinking they have the all big, red, shiny apples that hold the shortcuts and answers to being rich and powerful and influential in your field!

Beware the poison apples.

In this entrepreneurial world of ours, many will tell you THEIR way is the only way. What you must do is seek out and find YOUR WAY. Search for those people you trust; who have been where you are; who have worked hard and trodden the path you have now chosen. Find those people who have runs on the board, experience, and tangible evidence for their successes – people you trust.

Until B… may all your wishes become goals!

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