C is for….

When the pressure is on (2)

C is for…

Commitment of course… confidence and courage… so says my new friend and author Renee Giarrusso.

I’ve been reading Renee’s book “Limitless Leadership“. I’m an avid reader – anything with words – but especially books written by real people, books penned by people I know.

If I am really honest however, I don’t actually ‘know’ Renee at all – BUT I did, after several attempts, connect on a phone call and fell instantly in ‘like’ with this woman – I liked her…really liked her. There was something about her that instantly gelled with the way I felt about varying topics.  Yes, Renee is very experienced in her field, incredibly knowledgeable, but also human and I love humans the best! I bought her book; and for the last week or so have carried it with me everywhere to read in between other things.

Something in the first few chapters resonated with me so much I broke my own golden rule of book defacing (which is, never, ever deface one!) I took one of my beloved coloured pens and underlined (not very neatly, I might add) the following:

“Commitment must be strong – those who don’t fully commit, look to jump ship”

I printed it out and it now sits above my desk at day job land.

I shared it with my boss (who took a picture of it underlined in the book). She did not judge me for the scribble in my book; she just took the picture.

Several situations have been happening in my life recently that this phrase has articulated beautifully. Most of these have involved a certain level of change or disruption in the relevant space, and many of the people involved have ‘jumped ship’. Those that stay on are totally committed to the change or disruption – even embrace it, with varying levels of vigour!

Renee explains to us that before commitment comes confidence but even before we can exhibit confidence; it takes courage to embrace and/or face those fears we hold close that stop us from being our confident selves. Once we can confidently present as authentic and believable AND we commit to taking necessary actions – we CAN achieve anything! We can be truly fearless and committed to our goals.


Until next time – when I promise I will go back to “B”

May all your wishes become goals  – and your dreams, realities!


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