Build it (and believe)….and he will come


In the 1992 movie, “Field of Dreams”, Kevin Costner’s character Ray, hears voices while out working his corn fields “if you build it – he will come” and is convinced that “Shoeless” Joe Jackson will miraculously appear if he builds a baseball diamond on his farm. Of course, the farm is struggling, his wife and friends think he is nuts, but his absolute belief in what is required of course, brings about the desired outcome. He built it and “he” did indeed arrive, ‘shoe-less’ to play ball in the field (along with a number of other greats of course).


To be truly innovative in business, one must find a niche so specific that someone else has not already filled it. You must recognise a problem or pain point, and find a way to alleviate that pain – first. This will take enormous amounts of time, planning, strategising, thinking, re-thinking and much design trial and error.   In the case of the 24-hour Toneshop – more than 3 months of hard work, dedication, engineering and re-engineering and bucket loads of belief!

(picture taken from the FB page with permission)

This nifty piece of engineering offers 24-hour assistance to musicians who may have broken a string, lost a strap, or need a lead or a pick, at the very last minute before a gig! We all know musicians keep extraordinary hours – a 24-hour replenishment option is just the ticket! The first of its kind in Melbourne (and let’s hope not the last!).

The innovators of this wondrous kiosk had to have the brainpower, (I toyed with the idea of leaving the typo in here – brianpower, but neither is named Brian sadly), to decide which necessities musicians might need most at say 1.30 am on a Thursday morning, and then design and build the best way to make it available without:

  1. opening a store front for longer hours, or
  2. some other human- based solution

After it’s grand opening, and in just a week or two, the un-manned kiosk, in all its glory, was featured in digital news and magazines both here in Australia, and overseas; it has shared on music websites and social media platforms, been re-shared, re-tweeted, re-posted and re-grammed all over the Internet.  I’m betting that there isn’t a guitarist in Melbourne (at the very least) that doesn’t know about it – and who in business wouldn’t like an outcome like that!


Developing and manufacturing any new product takes time, money, patience, and a whole heap of belief.

Belief that your product is worthwhile – that people want it; belief that even when it has cost you more than you can afford, you will keep working at it; belief in fixing it, rather than giving up; belief  that your product makes lives better.

Congratulations Jereme and Matt  – 24-hour Toneshop – seems you built it – and they WILL come!

And I’ll leave you with what could have been a six word post…

“If you don’t believe – don’t bother!”



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