Grace under pressure

You know that feeling….

On the outside, you’re showing as calm, serene, and beautiful; but on the inside, your heart is racing, you are feeling anxious, nervous, frightened, there may even be nausea. Truth is, underneath that beautifully calm, serene exterior, that graceful swan is flapping like mad to keep herself afloat!

Your head is full of paralysing questions…

Do I look ok? Will I make sense? Am I good enough? Am I believable? Is this going to work? Did I give the kids their lunches? Did I leave the iron on? Did I lock the front door? 

Rather frightening is those last three are REAL questions I’ve had to ask myself on many occasions!

Just keep swimming…

People often ask me, “How do you fit it all in, family, work, music, business?” and honestly I can’t really say – I just keep those little feet paddling as hard as I can.

And I have a plan.

Actually several plans, all written down in formal, solid document form. I refer to them on a monthly basis at least (sometimes more often). My plans change – I revise them constantly depending on what is working and what is not. I’m human – I change my mind. I’m also quite efficient (some may say lazy) so I’m ALWAYS trying to find a better way! I’m also good now at letting go of stuff that isn’t providing value in whichever area it relates.  

I plan my year, my week, my day and every single event. I plan my work, I plan my music, and I even plan my “spontaneous” time! If I don’t plan – it never happens.

It’s like getting in your car to go “somewhere” and just driving around until you figure out where that “somewhere” actually is. My hubby (let’s call him Man of the House – MOTH for short) likes nothing better than to just get in the car and drive and while he may have a destination in mind – often he won’t share that with me, it’s just “let’s go for a drive”.

This is NOT my ‘thing”. I need to know where I’m going, what we’re going to do when we get “there”, where can we eat, is anyone else coming; if only he’d tell me the destination I’d be much happier.

I make lists, know and manage risks, I take actions.

Plans are important. Write them down, keep them close; refer to them often; and revise each and every time something changes for you. Only when your goal is there, right in front of you can you then work towards it.  

Until you write it down…it’s only a wish, a hope, a dream.

You must have a sense of accountability for what you devise and if you can’t find it in yourself to be accountable (it’s difficult) then find someone to hold you to it! 

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